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Castle Hill Peebles
NT 250-404 Peeblesshire Scotland

Castle Hill PeeblesCastle Hill is a 12th century earth and timber enclosure fortress, founded by King David I. This royal castle stood on a steep-sided flat-topped natural mound, that occupies the neck of a promontory formed by the junction of Eddleston Water, with the River Tweed. In 1301-02 during the Wars of Independence, English troops under King Edward I occupied the castle, until it was taken and destroyed by the Scottish. Castlehill appears to have come into the town's possession in the 15th century and parts of the site remained in use until 1685. Standing on the mound, is a church hall and in the late 19th century, the Old Parish Church of Peebles replaced an earlier church, at the east end. There are no visible structural remains but north of the church, some of the foundations of the castle are said to have been found. Nearby is the County Hotel and the Old Burgh Wall, a mile north is Venlaw Castle.

Peebles Street Map

Castle Hill is located in Peebles, off the High Street. 35 miles north-west of Jedburgh, on the A68-A72.

The site is visible from the road.

There are a car parks nearby.

Castle Hill pictures and large castle map
Castle Hill Picture 1Castle Hill Picture 2Castle Map of the Area

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