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Hamstead Marshall Castle 2
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Hamstead Marshall Castle 2Hamstead Marshall Castle 2 is a late 11th or early 12th century damaged earthwork motte and bailey fortress, possibly founded by Hugolin Stirman. Standing near the site of the original village, the motte encased by a ditch, is crowned by a heel-shaped summit and to the north is an irregular rectangular bailey platform. In 1153 during the civil war, in the reign of King Stephen, 'Newbury' castle was held for the Empress Matilda by John Marshal and this may be its site. King Stephen besieged him there for two months and erected to the east Hamstead Marshall Castle 1 as a Royalist siege-castle. Standing nearby is Hamstead Marshall Castle 3, which might be the successor or part of a conquest castle with two mottes. In 1218 King Henry III was entertained here and in the 1350s King Edward III stayed several times at the castle. 4 miles north-east is Donnington Castle.

Street Map

Hamstead Marshall Castle 2 is located in Hamstead Park, south of Marsh Benham, off Park Lane. 3 miles west of Newbury, on the A4.

The site is visible from a public footpath, which passes the castle from the church of St Mary, check website for details.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Hamstead Marshall Castle 2 pictures and large castle map
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