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Howden Motte
NT 458-269 Selkirkshire Scotland

Howden MotteHowden Motte is a large medieval earthwork flat-topped motte, possibly founded by the Haldanes. An oval rocky knoll, which protrudes from the back of a ridge was encased by a wide rock-cut ditch and its slopes were scarped to give defence. The original entrance is at the west end, where the rock has been left uncut to form a causeway across the ditch but the gap in the defences at the east end may be later. The ditch is now filled up and appears only as a terrace on the north and south sides, while the heavily mutilated encasing rampart of earth and stones maybe a later feature. With no known history, excavation in 1957 revealed a stone floor and the post-holes of a timber palisade around the edge of the mound. 2 miles north-east is Selkirk Castle and 4 miles north-west is Newark Castle.

Street Map

Howden Motte is located south of Selkirk, off the B7009. 2 miles south-west of Selkirk, on the B7009.

The site is visible from the road.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Howden Motte pictures and large castle map
Howden Motte Picture 1Howden Motte Picture 2Howden Motte Picture 3Castle Map of the Area

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