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Tom an Tigh Mhoir
NN 807-654 Perthshire Scotland

Tom an Tigh MhoirTom an Tigh Mhoir is a medieval earthwork flat-topped motte, possibly founded by a Chief of Clan Donnachaidh. Strangely there is only a partial ditch, which starts on the south slope of the Garry river and finishes in a rounded end in the middle of the south side of the mound. There is also nothing to show that a ditch was ever dug on the remaining south and east sides, so the mound could also be defined as a Moot Hill. On the mound is some form of relatively modern rectilinear structure and the foundations of a wall also runs down the south slope. The slight bank on the counterscarp of the ditch on the west side, is probably a result of ploughing and the massive stonework which raises the summit at the north-west angle, is possibly modern levelling. 4 miles east at Blair Atholl is Blair Castle and 30 miles north at Kingussie is Ruthven Barracks.

Street Map

Tom an Tigh Mhoir is located in Old Struan, off the B847. 12 miles north-west of Pitlochry, on the A9.

The site is visible from the road.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Tom an Tigh Mhoir pictures and large castle map
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