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Duffus Castle
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Duffus Castle Duffus Castle is a mid 12th century earthwork motte and bailey fortress, founded by Hugh de Freskyn. Completed by his son William, Duffus stands on one of the major landed fiefs granted to Anglo-Norman and Flemish immigrants, by King David I. Destroyed by the Scots in 1297 during the Wars of Independence, in the 14th century it was rebuilt in stone, possibly by Sir Reginald Cheyne or the Sutherland Lord Duffus. The castle was burnt by troops under Douglas Earl of Morey in 1452, plundered by the Royalists in 1645 and abandoned in the late 17th century. Encased by a large circular outer ward and a wet ditch, an eastern ancient bridge still gives access and a cobbled causeway leads up to the site of an inner gatehouse. Crowning the motte are the remains of the 14th century three storey square hall house, with its broken north wall halfway down the slope. A wide ditch separates the large motte from the eastern oval inner bailey, which is still partly encased by a curtain wall. Within the bailey are the remains of a northern 15th century domestic range and an eastern clay and stone oven. 3 miles south-east at Loch Spynie is Spynie Palace and 4 miles south at Elgin is Ladyhill.

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Duffus Castle is located north-east of Duffus, off the B9012. 4 miles north-west of Elgin, on the B9012.

The site is owned by Historic Scotland and is freely accessible in daylight hours, check website for details.

There is a car park.

Duffus Castle pictures and large castle map
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