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NH 789-461 Nairnshire Scotland

CantraydouneCantraydoune is a 12th century earthwork motte, possibly founded by Freskyn de Moravia. Standing above the face of a natural slope, the summit of the sandy mound is uneven and unusually a small flattened area projects northwards. Encased on three sides by a low retaining stone wall and the remains of a ditch, the Burn of Cantraydoune gives defence to the east. A deep eastern groove of a possible old excavation trench, is the mounds only visible feature. 2 miles north is Dalcross Castle and 3 miles north-east at Croy is Kilravock Castle.

Street Map

Cantraydoune is located in the village centre, off the B9006. 9 miles north-east of Inverness, on the B9006.

The site is visible from the road.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Cantraydoune pictures and large castle map
Cantraydoune Picture 1Cantraydoune Picture 2Cantraydoune Picture 3Castle Map of the Area

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