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Low Hall Corbridge
NY 991-643 Northumberland England

Low HallLow Hall was originally an early 14th century stone ground-floor hall house, with a two storey solar block. In the mid to late 15th century, the Baxter family converted the solar block into a rectangular tower house, known as Baxter's Tower. Of three storeys crowned by a pitched roof encased by a parapet walk, it was probably built as a defended stronghold against attacks from Scottish raiders. The main block was remodelled in the late 16th century and then by Richard Gibson in the 17th century, with a major reconstruction of the hall in 1890. The tower still retains many of its original features, which include a vaulted ground-floor chamber with a western entrance and a stair in the thickness of the north wall, which converts to a 15th century newel staircase. Nearby is the Vicars Pele and 2 miles north-east is Aydon Castle.

Street Map

Low Hall is located in Corbridge, off Main Street. 4 miles north-east of Hexham, on the A695-B6321.

The site is a private residence, with no public access and is only visible from the road.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Low Hall pictures and large castle map
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