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Clarghyll Hall Bastles
NY 726-493 Cumbria England

Clarghyll HallClarghyll Hall Bastles have been absorbed, in the complex alterations of this substantial country house. The first stone two storey defensible farmhouse, existed in the 1590's, replacing an earlier building. Early in the 17th century, the Whitfield brother's built a second bastle nearby and by the 18th century both were extended and the first enlarged, to make a manor house. In the mid 19th century the Rev Octavius James built the spectacular tower, absorbing the first bastle and converted the second bastle into a chapel, which is now ruinous. To the north of the Ayle Burn is White Lea Bastle House.

Street Map

Clarghyll Hall is located north of Alston, off the A686. 21 miles north-east of Penrith, on the A686.

The site is visible from the road and from a public footpath, which passes the bastle from the road to the Ayle Burn.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

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