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Lindisfarne Castle
NU 136-417 Northumberland England

Lindisfarne Castle Lindisfarne Castle is a late 16th century stone artillery fortress, founded by King Henry VIII. Sited on an outcrop of basalt known as Beblowe Craig, it probably replaced an earlier look-out tower or beacon. By 1545, three bulwarks had been built on Holy Island and one of them was possibly sited on or to the east of the craig. After the earth walls of the bulwark collapsed, it was regarded as indefensible and the irregular polygonal castle was commenced in 1570. With three levels of batteries and an upper keep, in 1903, Edward Lutyens absorbed the fort, in the construction of a dwelling house for Edward Hudson. 3 miles west is Fenham Tower.

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Lindisfarne Castle is located on Holy Island, off the Northumberland coast, at Beal. 14 miles south-east of Berwick Upon Tweed, on the A1.

The site is owned by The National Trust and open daily, in August, Bank Holiday Mondays, Tuesday to Sunday mid March to July, September to October, times vary with the tide. Garden, open all year dawn till dusk.

There is a car park on the island.

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