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Parsons Tower Ford
NT 943-374 Northumberland England

Parsons TowerParsons Tower is a 14th century stone tower house, founded by William Heron. Standing to the south-west and detached from Ford Castle, it was the home of the resident parson. The square tower, has a chamfered plinth and shows traces of later attached buildings in its stonework. Standing to the height of the first floor, the basement is covered by a barrel vault and its thick walls enclose a single chamber. Damaged in 1513, Sir Cuthbert Ogle had two storeys of the tower repaired in 1541, to make a vicar's pele. 4 miles north is Duddo Tower.

Street Map

Parsons Tower is located in Ford, off the B6353. 12 miles south-west of Berwick Upon Tweed, on the B6354-B6353.

The site is visible from the road.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Parsons Tower pictures and large castle map
Parsons Tower Picture 1Parsons Tower Picture 2Parsons Tower Picture 3Castle Map of the Area

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