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The Creakers Great Barford
TL 106-531 Bedfordshire England

The CreakersThe Creakers is possibly a damaged medieval earthwork motte and bailey fortress, standing on level ground. In 1250, James de Crevequeor was in possession of the castle, with Stephen Crevequer holding a manor on the site, in 1428. The fragmentary remains, consists of a large moat, with an outer bank and a low projecting southern mound. To the south-east is a central area, with a timber framed 18th century mansion protected on an angle by strong north and west banks, with outer ditches. If both earthworks originally formed complete enclosures, an oval outer moat would have encased a possibly later square banked and ditched house platform. Visit pending. 5 miles south-west is Bedford Castle and 6 miles east is Gannocks Castle. Picture © Neil Goodwin

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The Creakers is located north-east Workhouse End, off Green End. 5 miles north-west of Bedford on the A428-Water End.

The site is visible from the public footpath, which passes the castle from Top End.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

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Castle Map of the Area

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