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Gannocks Castle
TL 161-529 Bedfordshire England

Gannocks Castle Gannocks Castle is probably a 12th or 13th century fortified manorial site, encased by a wide moat. On three sides of the large rectangular platform is a strong inner bank, with a low outer bank on the eastern side. At the north-east angle, is a small circular mound, which may be the location of a defensive building or structure. Nearby over the moat, which still holds water along its northern arm, is a slight entrance causeway. A survey confirmed that an occupied medieval buildings, such as a farm or manor house once stood on the island. 9 miles west is Bedford Castle. Picture Anthony Forth

Street Map

Gannocks Castle is located in Tempsford, off Church Street. 9 miles east of Bedford, on the A428-A1.

The site is owned by Central Bedfordshire Council and is freely accessible in daylight hours.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Gannocks Castle pictures and large castle map
Gannocks Castle Picture 1Gannocks Castle Picture 2Gannocks Castle Picture 3Castle Map of the Area

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