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Warfield Bank Hopton Castle
SO 371-774 Shropshire England

Warfield BankWarfield Bank is a small circular earth and timber ringwork fortress, with extensive views in all directions. Crowning the summit of an isolated rounded knoll which overlooks Hopton Castle, this medieval site may have been a gun emplacement during the Civil War. Encased by a bank and a wide ditch, there are the remains of a building within the enclosure but quarrying as damaged the interior surface. To the north-east is a lowering of the bank, which appears to be the original entrance but the outer ditch is at best, only visible as a slight hollow.

Street Map

Warfield Bank is located south-east of Hopton Castle, off the road to Hoptonheath. 11 miles west of Ludlow, on the A4113-B4385.

The site is visible from the road.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

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Castle Map of the Area

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