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Whittington Castle
SJ 326-311 Shropshire England

Whittington Castle GatehouseWhittington Castle was originally an Iron Age fort, encased by triple banks and ditches, which remain to the north and west. It is also possible that King Offa founded a Saxon earth and timber fortification in the fort. In the late 11th century, William Peverel founded an earthwork motte and bailey fortress, defended by wet ditches on the site. In the mid 12th century, King Henry II founded the stone castle, when crowning the motte with a rectangular keep. In 1221, Sir Foulke fitz Warin was granted a licence to crenellate and he totally encased the motte with a shell keep, flanked by five huge round towers. Two of the towers defended the gateway into the new inner bailey, with a twin-towered gatehouse defending the large walled outer bailey. The castle was dismantled in the 18th century for road stone and the outer gatehouse is now a 1809 restoration. 3 miles west is Oswestry Castle.

Street Map

Whittington Castle is located in the village centre, off the B1345. 17 miles north-west of Shrewsbury, on the A5-B5009.

The site is owned by the Whittington Castle Preservation Trust and is freely accessible in daylight hours.

There is a car park.

Whittington Castle pictures and large castle map
Whittington Castle Picture 1Whittington Castle Picture 2Whittington Castle Picture 3Castle Map of the Area

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