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September 2008
The blog page, a place where I can record and then archive my monthly updates and what's new in our hunt for castles UK.
This months castles are from Denbighshire, we paid a return visit to our favourite Welsh castles in the area and picked up some new ones on the way, it was good to get back to Wales, a land full of mighty fortifications.
We have only added two new gatehouse this month because when looking at the pages in 116, it was just like last month, I just had to update them, adding some of the new pictures I had taken. First of all I've added new pictures and a new write up to Denbigh Castle, it was great to go back there, the town walls are one of the most complete circuits in Britain because the town migrated onto the flatter ground below. There's new pictures and write up for Prestatyn Castle which is a nice little site, with good access and because the road rises to go over the railway you can get a view from above. There's new write ups for Holywell Castle, Llys Gwenllian, Rhuddlan Castle and Twt Hill, all this takes time but they were all out of date, with old pages. Just planning a little castle hunt, to visit four of the major castles in Wessex, I've also listed the earthwork castles in the area because I hate going pass any castle but I don't know if I'll have time to see any of them.
Click on the picture, for more information.
Herstmonceux Castle Wallpaper
Herstmonceux Castle, OS 199/TQ 647-104 Sussex England, is this months wallpaper.
The picture was taken in September 2006 and the view of the 15th century palatial brick castle was taken from the car parking area. As you can see, this is the only side still encased by its wide moat and the reflection in the water gives the picture the iconic castle view.
Burgess Gate
Burgess Gate, OS 116/SJ 052-659 Denbighshire Wales, is a late 13th century stone two storey gatehouse, founded by Henry de Lacy, earl of Lincoln. Flanking the north side of the town walls, it was the principal entrance to Denbigh medieval town and is freely accessible in daylight hours. Great good looking gatehouse, its got that strong, come and try to get in if your big enough look about it.
Exchequer Gate
Exchequer Gate, OS 116/SJ 051-657 Denbighshire Wales, was originally a late 13th century stone two storey gatehouse, founded by Henry de Lacy, earl of Lincoln. Built in 1282-95, it stood adjacent to the Red Tower of Denbigh Castle and was one of the two entrances of the medieval town walls and is freely accessible in daylight hours. It only survives as excavated foundations but it seems to have the same twin towered configuration of the Burgess Gate. A bit sad here, maybe this was the ugly looking gatehouse and they just had to flatten it, who knows?

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