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November 2009
The blog page, a place where I can record and then archive my monthly updates and what's new in our hunt for castles UK.

This months castle and tower, are from Brecknockshire in Wales and I've also listed four sites from Bedfordshire England, where I've changed the name or pictures.

In October I was late with my updates and once again this blog is late but for very difference reasons. First of all, at the turn of the month we were planning and hunting castles around Berwick-upon-Tweed, which will be in next months delectations. On returning I started straight away on next months update, the trip had put Scottish fire in my belly and I need to get them stone and earthwork castles online but wait, I had to stop to put out my blog, things and life have to have order, you must finish, then start again.
Mixed bag in October and not a lot of it was castle related, after I ended up having a break from things castle for most of the month. The only site we revisited was Bakewell Castle in Derbyshire, an earthwork motte and bailey but the leaves on the trees, just made the picture of the motte, a picture of trees, so I'll have to go back now the leaves have gone.
Now here lies the conundrum, in the summer there's tons of daylight, clear blue sky's and the big stone castle sites are open but big and stone they just make up the numbers, we go because they have toilets and shops, bit of a look around, get the pictures and off, on to something better, summer is great for taking that just right castle picture but you have to think leave because that's all you get, no motte, no earthwork, no nice little stone ruin, it's all tree.
Now in the winter if you take away the fact that a lot of the big castle sites are closed, so no shops or toilets, it's better all round because those pestie little green things have gone. I know you have to stop hunting at 3pm, when the light goes but the Spotter thinks that's great because I can't say lets go to another castle and then we'll stop and at least you can see the motte from the trees.

Click on the pictures, for more information.

Vicar's Pele Corbridge Wallpaper
Vicars Pele, OS 87/NY 988-644 Northumberland England, is this months wallpaper.
The picture was taken in July 2009 and the view of the pele tower, was taken from St Andrews churchyard.
With Armistice Day falling in November, I try to have a picture that will remind us to commemorate those members of the armed forces who were killed during war. What's nice to see in this picture, is that there are untouched flowers on the monument, it shows the respect the people of Corbridge give to their fallen heroes.
Bronllys Castle
Bronllys Castle, OS 161/SO 149-346 Brecknockshire Wales.
Is thought to occupy a pre-Norman princely court or llys, sited above the floodplain of Afon Llynfi. In the late 11th or early 12th century Richard fitz Pons founded an earthwork motte and bailey fortress on the site. In the mid 12th century Walter de Clifford founded the stone castle, when crowning the ditched motte with the 'principal tower', which was damaged by fire in 1165. The site is owned by Cadw and is freely accessible in daylight hours.
Fantastic tower here, which was closed when we visited, there were renewing the access up the motte and into the tower, we will be back.
Talgarth Tower
Talgarth Tower, OS 161/SO 155-337 Brecknockshire Wales.
Is a 13th or 14th century square stone tower house, adjoining the bridge over the River Enig. Of three storeys, with the basement below the modern ground level, it was once fortified and guards the river crossing. Later used as prison or lock up, in the 18th century a pyramidal roof replaced the defensible parapet, when the tower was used as a dwelling. The site is the Talgarth Information and Resource Centre and is also visible from the road.
Visited this great tower at the end of a very wet day and I'd just had enough. Got out to take the pictures but couldn't be bothered to call in to ask if you can have a look around, I call next time.
Bedford Castle
Bedford Castle, OS 153/TL 053-497 Bedfordshire England.
Is an 11th century earthwork motte and bailey fortress, founded by Ralf de Tallebosc. In the late 11th or 12th century, Hugh or Paye de Beauchamp founded the stone castle, when cladding the motte and adding a shell keep. When being held by William de Breaute, it was captured by forces loyal to King Henry III after the great siege of 1224 and ordered to be dismantled. The site is owned by Bedfordshire County Council and is freely accessible in daylight hours.
This good looking castle is even better, now that the surviving lower walls of the great hall and adjacent structures in the inner bailey, are on permanent public view. That's the reason I've rehashed this page and added new pictures.
Risinghoe Castle
Risinghoe Castle, OS 153/TL 090-509 Bedfordshire England.
Is a 12th century earthwork motte, possibly founded by Hugh de Beauchamp. There are references of a bailey but after the extensive Victorian clay extraction on the site, its position has been lost. The castle is mentioned as old in the late 12th century, when it was probably obtained by Wardon Abbey but much of its history remains obscure. The site is visible from the road.
A rehash of this page here, I'd called it Goldington Castle but that was the wrong name.
The Creakers
The Creakers, OS 153/TL 106-531 Bedfordshire England.
Is possibly a damaged medieval earthwork motte and bailey fortress, standing on level ground. In 1250, James de Crevequeor was in possession of the castle, with Stephen Crevequer holding a manor on the site, in 1428. The fragmentary remains, consists of a large moat, with an outer bank and a low projecting southern mound. The site is visible from the public footpath, which passes the castle from Top End.
Again another rehashed page, which I'd called Great Barford Castle.
Renhold Ring
Renhold Ring, OS 153/TL 107-513 Bedfordshire England.
Is an earth and timber ringwork and bailey fortress, partly encased by a wide wet ditch. To the west of the ringwork, a possible large bailey is encased, by the faint remains of a rampart and ditch. The site is visible from the road.
I've rehashed the page but only changed its name from Castle to Ring.

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