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May 2008
The blog page, a place where I can record and then archive my monthly updates and what's been happening in my hunt for castles UK.
This months castles, are from Dumfriesshire and were taken during our October 2007 trip to Scotland.
April was another busy month for us, we went on holiday to Spain and grabbed a bit of sun and we also got a new computer, as the old one was getting a little bit to slow. Boy is this ones fast but Vista is being a bit of a pain, when I try to get my old software and hardware to work but I'm getting there. I'm also looking at my old castle pages and starting to update them, one day the site could have the same look about it but I doubt it. I've already changed my castle page again, so all my latest pages are now wrong, I've moved up the castle and map thumbnails from the bottom of the page and I think it looks and works better and gets most of the page on the screen.
Click on the picture, for more information.
Bolsover Castle Wallpaper
Bolsover Castle, OS 120/SK 471-707 Derbyshire England, is this months wallpaper.
The picture was taken in October 2007, on a beautifully clear evening. The view is of the gatehouse, with the Little Castle behind, luckily the entrance looks west so I could get this shot with the setting sun giving very little shadow. Bolsover is a favourite of ours, to me it always seems to be at peace, it's a place to sit and enjoy the day.
Lochmaben Castle
Lochmaben Castle, OS 78/NY 088-812 Dumfriesshire Scotland, was originally a late 13th century earth and timber pele and bailey fortress, founded by King Edward I. Built in 1298-9 on a flat promontory which juts out into the loch, its was chosen as a stronger defensive site than Lochmaben Old Castle. The site is owned by Historic Scotland and is freely accessible in daylight hours. Great site this, which has got a good feel about it, its history seems to hang over you.
Lochmaben Old Castle
Lochmaben Old Castle, OS 78/NY 082-822 Dumfriesshire Scotland, is a 12th century earthwork motte and bailey fortress, founded by the Bruces, lords of Annandale. In 1166 when the motte at Annan Castle collapsed, the castle became the main seat of the family and is possibly the birthplace of Robert the Bruce. The site is part of a golf course and is visible from the road. I think a round of golf is the order of the day here, walk the history as you play.
Tinwald Castle
Tinwald Castle, OS 78/NY 003-815 Dumfriesshire Scotland, is a medieval earthwork motte and bailey fortress but ploughing is making its layout harder to observe. The oval flat-topped motte, which is probably a natural gravel hillock, is being spread out and the mound now slopes upwards on all sides, at a comparatively easy gradient. The site is visible from the road. Nice little spot this, you need to visit this site before its gone.

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