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CastleUK Blog 2014

Castle UK Blog Page June 2014This is the place where I record and then archive my monthly updates and what's new in our hunt for castles UK.

In June we had 3 nights in Hartlepool, again looking for places we could move to but once again we leave undecided. We feel comfortable in Hartlepool but we don't find the house we are looking for, so we decide to wait until next year.

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Little Moreton Hall OS 118/SJ 832-589 Cheshire EnglandLittle Moreton Hall, OS 118/SJ 832-589 Cheshire England
This wallpaper for June, was taken in May 2014 from the top of the prospect mound on the outside of the moat and looks along the moat to the gatehouse. It's not a castle so why is it here, well it's an iconic Tudor manor house and it's moated, with a gatehouse, so me thinks it should be on every castle hunters list. Never a fortress or even defensible, the wealthy Moreton family built the house to impress and it still does that, construction started in 1504-08 and finished in 1610.
Burgh by SandsChurch of St Michael, OS 85/NY 329-591 Cumbria England.
Is a 12th century stone Norman church, which was defensible and in the mid 14th century a defensible three storey square west tower, with massive angle buttresses was added. The ground floor with its tunnel vaulted roof is only lit by a narrow western slit and a later gun-loop in the north wall. A draw-bar through an iron yet with bolts above and below, secured the entrance from nave and a newel staircase gives access to the upper levels. In 1307, King Edward I died encamped on Burgh marshes and for 10 days he lay in state in the nave, until the members of the Court came pay their respects, including his son Edward II, go look because it doesn't get any better than that.
Burgh by SandsChurch of St Michael, East Tower, OS 85/NY 329-591 Cumbria England.
Is a 12th century stone Norman church, which was defensible and the eastern single-bay rectangular vestry is probably a 15th century vicar's pele, which was described as half broken down in 1703. By the mid 18th century the tower had been reduced in height, gabled over and converted into a school house. One of a small number of fortified churches in the border area, which is unique in having defensible adjoining towers at both ends. The site is freely accessible in daylight hours and it's unique so go take a look.

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