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CastleUK Blog 2013

Castle UK Blog Page June 2013This is the place where I record and then archive my monthly updates and what's new in our hunt for castles UK.

In June we had another fantastic night away at Hellifield Peel, after first visiting Skipton. We picked the Square Bedroom this time, it's a large room with views out of 3 sides of the tower. We stay in lots of places but Hellifield is the best one by far. You can find pictures of the Square bedroom on the CastleUK Facebook page.

For more information, click on the pictures.

Portchester Castle OS 196/SU 624-046 Hampshire England WallpaperPortchester Castle OS 196/SU 624-046 Hampshire England Wallpaper, is my July wallpaper and the picture was taken in February 2007, looking south to the Isle of Wight from Ports Down. You can see that this good looking castle was originally a late 3rd century Roman Saxon Shore fort of Portus Adurni and in the early 10th century, the fort was turned into a Saxon burgh, with a hall and a tower possibly of a 10th century thegn. William the Conqueror granted it to William Maudit and he probably founded the inner bailey of the castle in the north-west angle and in the early to mid 12th century, William Pont de l'Arche founded the stone castle when flanking the north-west angle with a square great tower.
Pinsley Motte Port DownPinsley Motte, OS 196/SU 639 073 Hampshire England.
Is probably a medieval earthwork motte and bailey fortress. Within the north-east angle of a quadrangular enclosure, is a circular mound, encased by a ditch. A modern road runs south-east to north-west, cutting diagonally across the enclosure and to the west of the road ploughing has erased any features. To the east, digging and chalk pits have mutilated the remains but to the north of the motte, the enclosure remains intact. The site is visible from the road.
Taken in February 2007, when hoovering up earthwork castles on our way to Portchester, then Winchester, how time fly's.
Place Wood Ringwork SouthwickPlace Wood Ringwork, OS 196/SU 635-092 Hampshire England.
Is an earth and timber ringwork and bailey fortress, probably dating from the 11th or 12th century. Standing on a slight spur to the north of a Roman road, the oval earthwork platform is crowned by a defensive bank and encased by a ditch. A partially destroyed quadrilateral bailey platform, which adjoins to the east is also encased by a bank and ditch. The site is freely accessible in daylight hours.

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