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July 2010
The blog page, a place where I can record and then archive my monthly updates and what's new in our hunt for castles UK.

This months Scottish castle, houses, palace and gateway, are from West Lothian.

In June we took a break and went to hunt some Greek sun and a couple of castles, you just can't stop can you.
Then the World Cup started and we got football fever, until the rest of the world showed us how the game should be played and I must say I'm glad to get back on the castle track. The hot weather and the garden have also been calling me away from the website, so all in all it's been a struggle to get this update out on time but with a couple of late nights I've managed it.
At last Microsoft have released a new AutoRoute, after being stuck in 2006 I'd lost all hope of an update, I know the roads don't change a lot but CastleUK is the only site with printable castle maps that pinpoint sites on a street view or a larger, castles in an area map, which I hope are helpful when planning a hunt. So I'm now in 2010, with a new image for the castles, (I liked the old one better) I just hope I don't have to wait another 4 years or more for the next update.
I've also tickled up the wallpaper page, it was a bit fussy so I've centralized it like the archived pages, to make it a bit cleaner.

Click on the pictures, for more information.

Bedford Castle Wallpaper
Bedford Castle, OS 153/TL 053-497 Bedfordshire England, is this months wallpaper.
The picture was taken in August 2009 and the view looking north from The Embankment, is of the late 11th or early 12th century stone clad motte. This good looking motte, the model of how the castle may have looked, the information panels dotted about and the surviving lower walls of the great hall, with its adjacent structures of the inner bailey, in a small western park, make this a great site, in a lovely town.
Blackness Castle
Blackness Castle, OS 65/NT 055-802 West Lothian Scotland.
Is a mid 15th century stone tower house and courtyard fortress, founded by Sir George Crichton. Standing on a rocky promontory that protrudes into the Firth of Forth, its plan closely resembles the shape of a ship. Seized by James Crichton in 1454, he imprisoned his father within, King James II then assailed Blackness from land and sea until it surrendered to his royal control. The site is owned by Historic Scotland and is open daily, April to September 9:30-5:30pm, October 9:30-4:30pm, November to March Saturday to Wednesday 9:30-4:30pm.
A great looking castle here, with lots of rooms and floors to explore, nice views across the Firth of Forth, it's a good un.
House of the Binns
House of the Binns, OS 65/NT 051-786 West Lothian Scotland.
Was originally a 15th century stone three storey manor house and courtyard fortress, founded by James Meldrum of the Bynnis or his son Archibald. Possibly standing on a Pictish site, the courtyard house was of east and west blocks, joined by a northern rectangular range, flanked by two low towers. In 1612-30, Thomas Dalyell absorbed the house to make a U-plan Renaissance mansion of two-and-a-half storeys and a garret, flanked by two northern stair turrets. The site is owned by The National Trust for Scotland and the estate is open daily, closing at dusk. The house is open, Saturday to Wednesday June to September 2:00-5:00pm.
The glory of the piano nobile (principal floor) of the house, is the two great Renaissance chambers with outstanding plasterwork by Alexander White, particularly the deep, elaborate frieze in the High Hall, the King's Chamber and the Vaulted Chamber, also the painted panelling and ceilings. This is all well and good if you can get inside but we viewed out of season and the outside of this noble site was not pleasing to our eyes.
West Port House
West Port House, OS 65/NS 996-770 West Lothian Scotland.
Was originally a late 16th century stone L-plan tower house, founded by James Hamilton of Silvertonhill. The three storey laird's house, with a rectangular stair turrets corbelled-out in the re-entrant angle, was defended by gunloops and shot-holes. The house was lowered when absorbed into a 18th century rubble-built town house, crowned by crow-stepped gables and swept dormers on a steeply pitched roof. The site is visible from the road.
Big old house here, would have been nice to get another view, the position of the sun gave me trouble when taking my pictures.
Linlithgow Palace Linlithgow Palace, OS 65/NT 002-773 West Lothian Scotland.
Was originally a 12th century royal stone manor house, founded by King David I. Standing on a low promontory overlooking a small inland loch, the naturally defensible site was possibly occupied by a Roman camp. In 1301-2 King Edward I wintered here during his Scottish campaigns and encased the royal residence with a formidable wooden peel. The remains of round towers against the eastern façade of the palace, may be a barbican built by his architect James of St George. In 1424 after the old palace was badly damaged by fire, King James I founded the square quadrangular palace when adding the eastern entrance façade. The site is owned by Historic Scotland and is open daily, April to September 9:30-5:30pm, October to March 9:30-4:30pm.
This site is so good I've listed it twice.
Linlithgow Palace Gateway Linlithgow Palace Gateway, OS 65/NT 002-773 West Lothian Scotland.
Is a mid 16th century stone single storey outer gateway, founded by King James V. Part of a new ceremonial route to Linlithgow Palace, the rectangular ornamented gate is adorned with four central carved and painted panels of King James V chivalric orders. The site is owned by Historic Scotland and is open daily, April to September 9:30-5:30pm, October to March 9:30-4:30pm.
The start of your walk in the footsteps of kings.

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