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CastleUK Blog 2011

Castle UK Blog 2011 December PageThis is the place where I record and then archive my monthly updates and what's new in our hunt for castles UK.

First of all we would like to wish all you Castle Hunters, a very happy Christmas and a very good castle hunting New Year.

In November and for some months before, I've been thinking Tablet, that's Apple iPad and Android Tablet and in November I got a chance to check out my website on both types. First was the Apple iPad, all very nice and quick, just like any Apple pc and the website looked good, then on to the Android tablet, which again are very good and just as quick. But oh dear the website, first pages good, map pages great, then the castle pages, every one just looks like a dogs dinner. It only fills 3/4s of the screen, the castle picture heads left and the words next to the map just go where they want to, all the hours and I've end up with this.
What to do, it can't be ignored, by my thinking in a couple of years most of people are going to have tablets and looking at this dogs dinner is not an option, its got to be sorted. I head home to check my code and make changes, I could try this or that but how do I check if its worked, so I give a castle page a good talking to and head to PC World and Currys check it out. None of the tablets are online, so I've fallen at the first hurdle and I can hear my dogs dinner laughing at me. There's only one thing to do, I need a tablet, no dogs dinner is going to laugh in my face for long and a Motorola Xoom will hopefully do the trick.
The Xoom is great, we both just love it, it's fast, easy to use and take it from me you don't want one, you need one, so now I can get down to work. After a fair bit of time, trying to pin my picture to the right or the left, I try moving the words, from left to right, this works but it doesn't look good, so I centralize the words, it works and it also looks good on my pc and laptop. So now all I've got to do is centralize the words in 800 castle pages and this is where I am today, I've finish Scotland and started on East Anglia. I'm also checking the links, changing the opening times that are wrong and moving the small pictures and map links to below the words next to the map, this will give every castle page the same layout, when its finished.
So now that I've put you all in the picture, this will be my last blog until its all done. I'm still going to make the monthly wallpaper and I put it on this page, I'll also list the areas when I've finish them but new castles are just going to have to wait. If you have a tablet could you please take a look at the site and the Scottish pages and let me know what more needs changing, like the layout or size of links, etc.

See you here some time in the new year, I'll be back, Chris.

For more information, click on the pictures.

Bass Rock Castle WallpaperBass Rock Castle, OS 67/NT 602-873 East Lothian Scotland, is this months wallpaper.
The picture was taken in November 2009 and the view of the castle is looking north, from Tantallon Castle.

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