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In December 2006, Castle UK offered to brighten up your desktop, with this tower wallpaper or desktop picture.

Bondgate Tower Wallpaper
Bondgate Tower in Northumberland
OS 81/NU 184-134

JPG files for Windows and Mac users:-

1280 x 1024 Jpg @ 900 Kb

1024 x 768 Jpg @ 595 Kb

800 x 600 Jpg @ 403 Kb

640 x 480 Jpg @ 285 Kb

BMP files for Windows users:-

1280 x 1024 Bmp @ 3.75 Mb

1024 x 768 Bmp @ 2.25 Mb

800 x 600 Bmp @ 1.37 Mb

640 x 480 Bmp @ 900 Kb

Instructions for Windows users:-
If you don't mind that the picture is downloaded to your browser's cache of web pages, making it less easy to find again, this is the quick way:-

1:- Click on the hyperlink that corresponds to your preferred screen resolution* to download the picture in your browser.
2:- Right-click on the picture and choose Set as Background.

*If you aren't sure what this is, click on Start, Settings, Control Panel and Display, then click on the Settings tab; it's the value displayed in the Screen area box.

If you prefer to save the picture to a folder such as My Pictures before setting it as your wallpaper:-

1:- Right-click on the appropriate hyperlink below.
2:- Choose Save target as:- (Internet Explorer) or Save link as:- (Netscape) and save the file to a folder you will remember.
3:- Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel and Display (or minimise all of your windows, right-click on an empty piece of desktop and select Properties), then click on the Background tab;
4:- Click on the Browse button in the Wallpaper box, locate the file you downloaded, select it and click on OK.
Your desktop will refresh within a few seconds to display the new wallpaper.

Instructions for Mac users:-
1:- Ctrl-click on the correct sized desktop-picture link below.
2:- Choose the option 'download link to disk' and save it to a place you will remember.
3:- Open the Appearance control panel and select the Desktop tab
4:- Drag the image on top of the control panel and click the Set Desktop button.

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