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Monnow Bridge Gate Monmouth
SO 504-125 Monmouthshire Wales

Monnow Bridge Gate MonmouthMonnow Bridge Gate is a late 13th century stone fortified two storey gate tower, founded by Henry of Lancaster. The gate stands on a three span stone bridge of 1272, which replaced a mid to late 12th century timber bridge. Defended on the Welsh side of the River Monnow, by the Clawdd Ddu rampart and ditch, the single arched passage originally had a portcullis in front of a pair of doors. In the 19th century, the gatehouse was pierced with pedestrian arches and the bridge was widened on both sides. A wall-walk with an encasing castellated parapet once crowned the upper storey but this was replaced by an attic and a hipped roof. This is now the only remaining example in Britain, where the gate actually stands on a medieval river bridge. Nearby is Monmouth Castle and 14 miles south-west is Usk Castle.

Street Map

Monnow Bridge Gate is located in Monmouth, at the bottom of Monnow Street. 25 miles west of Gloucester, on the A40.

The site is visible from the road.

There is a car park nearby.

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