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Truemans Hill Hawarden
SJ 313-660 Flintshire Wales

Truemans Hill HawardenTruemans Hill is a damaged earthwork motte, with doubtful traces of a bailey on the north-east side. Standing on the crest of a hill, the circular motte which is thought to have been ditched, offers medium to long range views of the Cheshire Plain and Merseyside. This short lived castle was partly excavated in 1820 when nothing was found and no date given for the fragments of masonry sticking out of the motte. The site could be the predecessor of Hawarden Castle but the dense cover of trees, makes it best viewed in winter. 2 miles north-west is Ewloe Castle.

Street Map

Truemans Hill is located in Hawarden, off The Highway. 8 miles west of Chester, on the A5104-B5125.

The site in a small park and is freely accessible in daylight hours.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Truemans Hill pictures and castle map of the area
Truemans Hill Picture 1Truemans Hill Picture 2Truemans Hill Picture 3Castle Map of the Area

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