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Ewloe Castle
SJ 288-675 Flintshire Wales

Ewloe Castle Ewloe Castle is a mid 13th century stone keep and courtyard fortress, founded by Prince Llewellyn ap Gruffydd. Built around 1257, there is no known history of this typically Welsh castle, which is thought to have been abandoned, after King Edward I invasion of Wales in 1277. On a narrow ridge, against the steep slope formed by the valley of the Wepre Brook, the upper ward stands on a scarped and revetted knoll. Set within an irregular walled enclosure, with its southern half standing to the original height, is a characteristic two storey apsidal-ended keep and the steps of its forebuilding. To the west, the lower walled enclosure with its well and a large circular two storey tower, abuts to the upper ward but there is no obvious access between the two. Defended from the south, by a deep rock-cut ditch, with a substantial counterscarp bank, the castle is shielded by a great rampart on the lip of the valley above. Across the valley, there is a possible siege work, which hints to at least one dramatic episode in the short life of the castle. 3 miles south-east is Hawarden Castle and 6 miles north-west is Flint Castle.

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Ewloe Castle is located north of Connah's Quay, off Stamford Way. 9 miles west of Chester on the A5104-B5125.

The site is owned by Cadw and is open daily 10:00-4:00pm, Wepre Country Park is freely accessible in daylight hours.

Car parking is in a signed lay-by.

Ewloe Castle pictures and castle map of the area
Ewloe Castle Picture 1Ewloe Castle Picture 2Ewloe Castle Picture 3Castle Map of the Area

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