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Caergwrle Castle
SJ 307-572 Flintshire Wales

Caergwrle Castle Caergwrle Castle is a late 13th century keep and courtyard fortress, founded by Dafydd ap Gruffydd. Standing on top of a steep-sided hill, in lands that were given to him after King Edward I 1277 invasion of Wales, it was the last stone built castle of a native Welsh prince. In 1282 Dafydd rebelled and attacked Hawarden Castle but when Reginald de Grey advanced against him, he slighted Caergwrle Castle and withdrew. Repairs were soon started, with orders to pull down the old keep and rebuild the internal timber buildings but the castle was destroyed by an accidental fire in 1283 and was ruinous by 1335. Sadly the western walls have been lost to a millstone grit quarry and all that remains are curtain walls, which are flanked by angle towers with blunt apses and a southern round keep. To the fore and defending the western angle of an irregular enclosure, which was defined by a dry-stone revetted ditch, is a substantial rock-cut ditch, with an outer counterscarp bank. 6 miles north-west at Mold is Bailey Hill and 8 miles south-east is Holt Castle.

Street Map

Caergwrle Castle is located in the village centre, off Castle Street. 5 miles north of Wrexham, on the A541.

The site is owned by the Caergwrle Community Council and is freely accessible in daylight hours.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Caergwrle Castle pictures and castle map of the area
Caergwrle Castle Picture 1Caergwrle Castle Picture 2Caergwrle Castle Picture 3Castle Map of the Area

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