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Caernarfon Castle
SH 477-627 Caernarfonshire Wales

Caernarfon Castle Caernarfon Castle was originally a Norman earthwork motte and bailey fortress, with the height of the twin-polygonal towered Queen's Gate giving the site of the motte away. In the 13th century this figure of eight site was made into a sophisticated Edwardian stone fortress-palace, with a high curtain wall and polygonal flanking towers. In the centre of the two wards is the King's Gate, an immense twin-towered keep-gatehouse and in the lower ward guarding the sea gate is the magnificent Eagle Tower, the greatest of all the castle's towers. The circuit of town wall is contemporary with the castle and can be walked. 12 miles north-east is Beaumaris Castle

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Caernarfon Castle is located in the town centre, off Castle Ditch. 25 miles south-west of Conwy on the A55-A487.

The site is owned by Cadw and is open daily, July and August 9:30-6:00pm, March to June, September and October 9:30-5:00pm, November to February 10:00-4:00pm Sunday 11:00-4:00pm.

There is a car park nearby.

Caernarfon Castle pictures and castle map of the area
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