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Castle The western Seagate was originally one of three stone late 14th century gates, known collectively as the Seagates. Blocking the mouth of the Bourne valley from the base of Hastings Castle to the East Cliff, a late 14th century stone wall once protected the Old Town of Hastings from the sea. Towers stood at each end but in the 16th century a fort is recorded at the western end and parts of the northern face of the Town Wall may have been widened. The wall appears to have been abandoned by the mid 18th century and on East Street a plaque proclaims that, 'At the rear of these dwellings may be seen parts of the Town Wall which extended across this valley, erected probably in the 14th century'. A blue plaque on the High Street proclaims that 'To the east of this spot was the great Seagate erected about 1385'.

Street Map

The site of the Seagate is located in the Old Town of Hastings, on the High Street. 36 miles east of Brighton, on the A27.

The site is freely accessible in daylight hours.

There is a car parks nearby.

Hastings Town Wall picture and large castle map
Castle Picture 1Castle Map of the Area

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