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The Mount Lewes
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The Mount LewesThe Mount is a possible earthwork motte, which could also be defined as a 17th century garden feature, used as a prospect mound. Standing at the eastern end of a low spur, the mound dominates the entrance to north, west and south-east valleys but nothing is known as to its origin. Possibly connected to salt working, it could also be the spoil from a chalk or clay pit but the mound was considerably altered by Victorian terracing and a spiral walk to the summit. To the west, is Lewes Priory Great Gate and on higher ground to the north is Lewes Castle.

Street Map

The Mount is located in Lewes, off Mountfield Road, in Castle Green. 8 miles north-east of Brighton, on the A27-B2193.

The site is visible from a public footpath, which passes the castle from the road.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Click here for motte pictures The Mount Picture 1The Mount Picture 2The Mount Picture 3 and a castle map of the area Castle Map of the Area

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