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Marisco Castle
SS 142-437 Lundy Island England

Marisco Castle Marisco Castle was originally a mid 13th century stone shell keep and bailey fortress, founded by King Henry III. Standing on a prominent cliff-top site, in 1643 during the Civil War the royalist Thomas Bushell rebuilt the castle. In the 1850s, the ruinous rectangular keep was repaired and its interior converted into fishermen's cottages, built around a central courtyard. Including subsequent additions the present castle comprises of a keep, a parade ground revetted with stone, a northern curtain wall, an outer ditch on the north and west sides and a storage cave to the east. Visit pending.

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Marisco Castle is located at the south east corner of Lundy Island, on the cliff-top. 11 miles off the coast of North Devon.

The site is owned by The Landmark Trust and can be let has holiday accommodation. The site is visible from a public footpath, which passes the castle.

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