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Lochmaben Old Castle
NY 082-822 Dumfriesshire Scotland

Lochmaben Old Castle Lochmaben Old Castle is a 12th century earthwork motte and bailey fortress, founded by the Bruces, lords of Annandale. In 1166 when the motte at Annan Castle collapsed, the castle became the main seat of the family and is possibly the birthplace of Robert the Bruce. The end of a ridge at Kirk Loch, was scarped and encased by a wide ditch, creating a large steep-sided oval motte. To the south-east is a very large bailey, with a bank, ditch and counterscarp bank, which has been partly obscured by the golf course. The castle may have had stone buildings, when it was captured by King Edward I, in 1298. On the north-west scarp of the motte, is a bastion-like D-shaped mound which is to some extent composed of rubble and mortar. By 1299 the castle had probably been abandoned and its materials used to build Lochmaben Castle at Castle Loch. 5 miles west is Tinwald Castle.

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Lochmaben Old Castle is located in the town centre, off Kirk Loch Brae. 9 miles north-east of Dumfries on the A709.

The site is part of a golf course and is visible from the road.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Lochmaben Old Castle pictures and large castle map
Lochmaben Old Castle Picture 1Lochmaben Old Castle Picture 2Castle Map of the Area

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