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Jedburgh Friary
NT 650-208 Roxburghshire Scotland

Jedburgh FriaryJedburgh Friary is a late 15th or early 16th century stone Observant Franciscan Friary, founded by Sir Andrew Ker of Ferniehirst. It was the last monastery built in Scotland but after the 1560 Protestant Reformation it was closed down along with all the other Scottish monastic houses. During its short life the English torched the friary on three occasions, first by troops under the Earl of Surrey in 1523 and again by troops under Sir Ralph Ewer and the Earl of Hertford, in the 1544 and 1545 'Rough Wooing' invasion. Sadly nothing now remains standing above ground but it's still the most extensive Franciscan Friary now visible in Scotland. Discovered in 1982, the excavations in the car park and the garden of Kilmun Court, found English cannon balls and the meagre foundations of the church, cloister, frater and part of the precinct wall. Nearby is Queen Mary's House and 4 miles south-west is Bedrule Castle.

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Jedburgh Friary is located in the town centre, off the High Street. 47 miles south-east of Edinburgh, on the A68.

The site freely accessible in daylight hours, check website for details.

There is a car park nearby.

Jedburgh Friary pictures and large castle map
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