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Waughton Castle
NT 567-809 East Lothian Scotland

Waughton Castle Waughton Castle is a mid 14th century stone courtyard fortress, founded by the Hepburns. Standing on a rectangular outcrop of rock which rises sharply to the south and west, a partly artificial stairway leads down to ground level. Its south-west angle was occupied by a house, of which only a small projecting 16th century square wing remains. At the north-east angle is a ruined structure and the north and east sides of the platform were encased by a wall, both are of a later date. In 1547 during the English 'Rough Wooing' invasion, Lord Grey of Wilton captured and sacked the castle but it was soon retaken by the Scots. In 1569 when in the keeping of the Laird of Carmichael, Robert Hepburn raided the castle but by the 1700s Waughton had been abandoned and was the local quarry. 2 miles north-west is Sydserf House and 3 miles south is Markle.

Street Map

Waughton Castle is located north of the village centre, off the B1377. 22 miles north-east of Edinburgh, on the A1-B1347.

The site is visible from the road.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Waughton Castle pictures and large castle map
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