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Old Woodhouselee Castle
NT 257-616 Midlothian Scotland

Old Woodhouselee CastleOld Woodhouselee Castle is possibly an early 16th century stone L-plan tower house, founded by Oliver Sinclair. Standing on a high crag, overlooking a loop of the River North Esk, the castle could also be late 16th or early 17th century. Cut into the edge of the rock, are the rectangular remains of the main block and on the higher ground to the north, are the eastern foundations of a square wing. Of the three barrel vaulted undercrofts in the main block, only one section of vault remains, lit by a small window. The ground floor of the wing is level with the top of the undercrofts and with two possible ovens and two doorways, it could have been a small kitchen. By the late 17th century the castle was ruinous, after it had been dismantled for building materials. Nearby is Auchendinny House and 2 miles north-east is Rosslyn Castle.

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Old Woodhouselee Castle is located in Auchendinny, off The Brae. 9 miles south of Edinburgh, on the A702-A703.

The site is visible from the dismantled railway line, at Dalmore Mill. Go through the Old Woodhouselee Railway Tunnel and the castle is on a high southern crag, next to the Auchendinny Viaduct.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Old Woodhouselee Castle pictures and large castle map
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