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Inchkeith Artillery FortificationsInchkeith Artillery Fortifications were originally a mid 16th century timber and earth fortress, founded by the English during the 'Rough Wooing' invasion. From 1550 Scotland's French allies, probably founded the stone fort when adding thick walls of stone encased by earth. Parliament ordered its demolition in 1567 but in 1773 its walls were still intact until in 1803 they were dismantled when a lighthouse was built on the site. Lengths and slight traces of the 16th century wall are incorporated within the modern wall, which now encases the lighthouse. A continental type gun embrasure within a short re-entrant still survives and inserted over the entrance to the 19th century courtyard, is a royal coat of arms dated 1564.

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Inchkeith Artillery Fortifications is located on the island of Inchkeith, 3 miles south of Kinghorn in the Firth of Forth.

There is no access to the island but the site is visible from Kinghorn.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Inchkeith pictures and large castle map
Inchkeith Picture 1Inchkeith Picture 2Castle Map of the Area

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