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Crookston Castle
NS 525-627 Lanarkshire Scotland

Crookston Castle Crookston Castle is a late 12th century earth and timber ringwork fortress, founded by Robert Croc. Standing on the summit of a hill, in the early 15th century the Stewarts of Darnley, added a stone X-plan tower house inside the banked and ditched ringwork. The central three storey rectangular main block, with four symmetrical taller square towers on the angles, was possibly encased by a barmkin. In the siege of 1489, King James IV used Mons Meg to bombarded the castle, causing the destruction of two of the angle towers. Partially rebuilt, the castle was seized by the Regent Arran and Cardinal Beaton in 1544 but was in ruins by 1600. 5 miles west at Paisley is Stanely Castle and 5 miles east at Rutherglen is Cathcart Castle.

Street Map

Crookston Castle is located south of the village centre, off Brockburn Road. 5 miles south-west of Glasgow, on the A761-A736.

The site is owned by Historic Scotland and is freely accessible in daylight hours.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Crookston Castle pictures and large castle map
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