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Piel Castle
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Piel CastlePiel Castle was originally a dwelling-house, which the Abbot of Furness fortified during the Anarchy, in the reign of King Stephen. In the early 14th century, Abbot John Cockerham founded the stone castle, when he was granted a licence to crenellate. The fortress stands on a low mound of boulder clay, at the southern end of Piel Island and consists of a massive keep, encased by inner and outer walled and ditched baileys. Guarding the deep-water harbour of Barrow-in-Furness, the Castell and Pele was dismantled 1403, partly rebuilt in 1429 but in 1537 it was recorded as being, now sore decayed. The southern and eastern parts of the keep, the curtain walls and flanking towers, are sadly being eroded by the sea. In 1487, Lambert Simnel and over 2,000 of his followers landed on the Island, at the start of their abortive attempt to seize the crown, from King Henry VII. 6 miles north-east is Moat Hill, Aldingham.

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Piel Castle is located on Piel Island and access is by ferry boat from Roa Island. 5 miles north-east of Barrow-in-Furness, on the A5087.

The site is owned by English Heritage and is freely accessible in daylight hours. The ferry is generally available daily, April to September 10:00-5:00pm, Sunday 10:00-6:00pm.

Car parking is at Roa Island.

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