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Lonkins Hall Nafferton Castle
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Lonkins HallLonkins Hall was originally an early 13th century earthwork and timber enclosure fortress, founded by Philip de Ulecotes, constable of Chinon. King John never granted a license for Nafferton Castle to be built and when Richard de Umfraville complained it could be a danger to his castle at Prudhoe, its timber palisades and hoardings were removed. Standing against a southern natural ravine and the steep western bank formed by the Whittle Burn, the east side of a now substantial rectangular ward, has been lost to landslips. The northern and western sides are defended by wide ramparts and ditches, which also gave protection to the two well-preserved entrances. Excavations have revealed that at least the western rampart was crowned by a stone wall and in south-west angle are the remains of a stone 15th or 16th century tower house, with the foundations of other buildings to the south. The tower is associated with the local legend of Lang Lonkin, who is said to have had a hideout here. 7 miles west at Corbridge is Vicars Pele.

Street Map

Lonkins Hall is located west of Horsley, off the A69. 13 miles west of Newcastle upon Tyne, on the A186-A69.

The view from the road is restricted by trees.

Car parking is in the Whittle Dene lay-by.

Lonkins Hall pictures and large castle map
Nafferton Castle Picture 1Lonkins Hall Picture 2Lonkins Hall Picture 3Castle Map of the Area

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