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Langley Castle
NY 835-625 Northumberland England

Langley Castle Langley Castle was originally a medieval defensible stone hall house, founded by Antony de Lucy of Langley. The hall was destroyed by King David Bruce in 1346 and by the mid 14th century Sir Thomas de Lucy, had probably founded the stone tower house on the platform. With a first floor hall, the large rectangular four storey central block, is flanked by square five storey angle towers, on its east and west sides. Set in the re-entrant angle of the south-east tower and the east front, the ground floor entrance of a later forebuilding which contains a broad spiral stair, was protected by a portcullis. The south-west garderobe tower was on a monumental scale, built in the thickened outside wall, the four garderobes on each of the three floors all discharged through parallel shafts into a pit, which was then flushed clean by a diverted stream. The castle was destroyed by fire before 1542 but luckily it remained an intact medieval ruin, unaltered by later building works. In the late 19th century, Cadwallader Bates rehabilitated the tower, reinstating the floors and roof, inserting new windows and restoring the embattled parapets, bartizans and turrets. 3 miles south-west within Staward Wood is Staward Pele.

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Langley Castle is located north of Langley-on-Tyne, off the A686. 7 miles west of Hexham, on the A69-A686.

The site is a privately owned hotel and access is restricted to guests with reservations for an overnight stay, a wedding ceremony or dining in the restaurant, check website for details. The castle is visible from the road.

There is a car park.

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