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Haltwhistle Bastle 2
NY 708-641 Northumberland England

Haltwhistle Bastle House 2Haltwhistle Bastle 2 was originally a 16th or 17th century rectangular stone two storey defensible farmhouse. The bastle has been incorporated in a two bay, two storey house, with a covered alleyway. Cast-iron pillars, now supports the heavy first floor wall and in the alleyway, the massive stones of its boulder plinth, can still be seen. The strong walls, with a removable stair up to the living quarters and a ground floor for stores and their livestock, provided a shelter from the cross-border reivers, until help arrived. Nearby are Haltwhistle Castle, Haltwhistle Tower and Haltwhistle Bastle 1 & 3-5.

Street Map

Haltwhistle Bastle 2 is located in the town centre, off Main Street. 21 miles north-east of Carlisle, on the A69.

The site is visible from the road, check website for details.

There is a car park nearby.

Click here for bastle pictures Haltwhistle Bastle House 2 Picture 1Haltwhistle Bastle House 2 Picture 2 and a castle map of the area Castle Map of the Area

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