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Boghead Bastle Tarset
NY 761-910 Northumberland England

Boghead BastleBoghead Bastle is a rectangular mid to late 16th century stone two storey defensible farmhouse. In the east end of the ground floor, is a ventilation slit and in the western gable wall is the square headed entrance into the byre. The rounded door jambs still show how two doors were fitted and locked from tunnels with drawbars but the inside of the byre is full of rubble after the vault collapsed. Above the doorway is a narrow channel cut through the wall, this was possibly used to douse any fires lit against the door. Raided in 1583 by the Scottish Armstrong family, in the mid 17th century, the bastle was one of a group of places held by the Hunter family. Probably deserted by the mid to late 18th century, to the east are the remains of two less substantial rectangular farmsteads. The thick walls of roughly squared large stone blocks, laid irregularly, provided first floor living accommodation and ground floor shelter for their livestock. Occupied by middle-rank farmers, clusters of bastles could give support from cross-border reivers. Half a mile south-east is Shilla Hill Bastle.

Street Map

Boghead Bastle is located west of Comb, on the Reivers Trail footpath. 8.5 miles north-west of Bellingham, off the B6320.

The site is freely accessible in daylight hours.

There is a car park and map board at Black Middens.

Boghead Bastle pictures and large castle map
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