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Preston Tower
NU 184-254 Northumberland England

Preston TowerPreston Tower was originally a late 14th century stone rectangular hall-type tower house, founded by Robert Harbottle. Of three storeys and flanked by square turrets on the angles, all the floors in the turrets have pointed tunnel-vaulted chambers. After the Union of Scotland and England in 1603, most of the tower was dismantled for materials to build farm buildings. In 1864, Henry Robert Baker-Cresswell restored the remains of the tower, making the south wall with its two southern turrets, into a clock tower. A new rear wall was erected and a striking clock was positioned centrally on the second floor, with faces on the front and rear walls. 4 miles north-east is Craster Arms and 4 miles south-east is Embleton Vicarage.

Street Map

Preston Tower is located in the village centre, off the A1. 29 miles south of Berwick-upon-Tweed on the A1.

The site is owned by Major Baker Cresswell and is open daily, 10:00-6:00pm or dusk. For cottage accommodation, check website for details.

There is a car park.

Click here for tower pictures Preston Tower Picture 1Preston Tower Picture 2Preston Tower Picture 3 and a castle map of the area Castle Map of the Area

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