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Wilton Hall
SE 862-827 Yorkshire England

Wilton HallWilton Hall is a 12th century or earlier fortified manor house, which was finally abandoned after Civil War slighting. In 1335 King Edward III, granted John de Heslerton a Royal licence to crenellate his dwelling-place at Wilton in Pykerynglith. On three sides, the partly wet moat with a high outer bank, still encases the large roughly circular platform but to the north, part of the platform, with its ditch have been lost. The northern defences appeared to consist of a substantial mortared wall, which was part of a building and gatehouse range. Traces of masonry protrude from the inner banks of the moat and Leland mentions what may have been a fortified tower on the inner platform. The moat was encased on at least three sides by a larger, rectangular ditched enclosure. 4 miles west is Pickering Castle and 5 miles east is Castle Hill.

Street Map

Wilton Hall is located in the village centre, off Cliff Lane. 27 miles north-east of York, on the A64-A169-A170.

The site is visible from the road and from the public footpath, which passes the earthworks.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

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