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The Battle of Bosworth 1485
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The battle was fought south-west of Ambion Hill, off Fen Lane, on the 22nd of August 1485, between the supporters of King Richard III and Henry Tudor. Henry became King Henry VII of England and Wales, after King Richard III, alone, was killed immediately to the west of Fen Hole, fighting manfully in the thickest press of his enemies.
Richard, England's last Plantagenet king was burial in the Choir of Greyfriars church, Leicester but during the 16th century Reformation the church was demolished and over the following centuries its exact location forgotten. In September 2012, a skeleton found beneath a council car park in the Greyfriars area of Leicester was confirmed to be King Richard III.

Site of The Battle of Bosworth 1485

King Dicks Well Bosworth Battlefield 1485
King Dicks Well on Ambion Hill, was the only visible reminder, before the Battlefield Visitor Centre was opened.

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