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Ashton Castle
SO 517-642 Herefordshire England

Ashton CastleAshton Castle is probably a stone enclosure fortress or fortified manor house, founded by the Cornwell family. The large irregularly shaped platform, with the remains of its ditch and counterscarp bank, supports a circular mound and a larger square mound. A length of wall connects the circular mound, which incorporates the foundations of a round tower, to the larger square mound which is full of stone. To the east of the platform, are the foundations of large rectangular building and to the south and west, is the remnants of a large ditched bailey. 7 miles north is Ludlow Castle.

Street Map

Ashton Castle is located in at Lower Ashton Farm, off the A49. 7 miles south of Ludlow, on the A49.

The site is visible from Hundred Lane.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Large castle map
Castle Map of the Area

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