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Green Hill Wigmore
SO 411-691 Herefordshire England

Green Hill WigmoreGreen Hill is probably a small medieval earthwork motte and two baileys fortress, built on a narrow ridge. Sited south-east of the rampart enclosing the outer bailey of Wigmore Castle, are two inconclusive earthworks mounds. The circular eastern mound is the motte and separated by a broad ditch, is a narrow rectangular western bailey platform. Houses have encroached upon the eastern bailey, of what could be the predecessor or temporary castle of Wigmore.

Street Map

Green Hill is located west of Wigmore, off Castle Street. 8 miles south-west of Ludlow, on Whitcliffe Road and local roads.

The site is freely accessible in daylight hours.

Car parking is in Wigmore.

Large castle map
Castle Map of the Area

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