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Aston Tump
SO 462-719 Herefordshire England

Aston TumpAston Tump is an earthwork motte and bailey fortress, possibly founded in the late 11th century. The roughly circular earth and stone motte, may support the partially buried stone foundations of a 12th century octagonal shell keep, flanked by one or more small D-shaped towers. Encased by a now marshy moat, which is fed by a diverted stream which cuts through the bailey and the remains of its bank. To the north and west the bailey is now outlined by the road and with the dense cover of trees, the motte is best viewed in the winter. To the north is Pipe Aston Castle and 4 miles north-east is Ludlow Castle.

Street Map

Aston Tump is located in Pipe Aston, north of the church. 4 miles south-west of Ludlow, on Whitcliffe Road.

The site owned by the Elton Hall Estate and is visible from the road.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Aston Tump pictures and large castle map
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