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Folkingham Castle
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Folkingham CastleFolkingham Castle was originally a late 11th century earth and timber ringwork and bailey fortress, founded by Gilbert de Ghent. In 1312 Henry de Beaumont founded the stone moated castle, when King Edward II granted him a licence to crenellate his dwelling house. The large square platform is enclosed by a deep ditch, with a strong counterscarp bank and to the east is a barbican and a massive flat bailey, which is outlined by the remnants of its rampart and ditch. In the early 19th century, workmen found large stones and foundations when The House of Correction was built on the site. The prison buildings were demolished in 1955 but the gatehouse with its triumphal arch remains. 7 miles north-west is Heydour Castle and 19 miles west is Belvoir Castle.

Street Map

Folkingham Castle is located in the village centre, off Billingborough Road. 26 miles north-east of Newark, on the A17-A15.

The gatehouse of The House of Correction is owned by The Landmark Trust and its holiday accommodation can be booked. The castle is visible from the road.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Folkingham Castle pictures and large castle map
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