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Annesley Castle
SK 509-519 Nottinghamshire England

Annesley CastleAnnesley Castle is a medieval earthwork motte and bailey fortress, standing against the crest of a slope. The heavily tree-covered flat-topped motte has a formidable drop to the south and a large bailey to the north. The bailey is encased by a bank, which appears as step-like scarping of the slope to the east and to the north are traces of a ditch. A transverse bank and ditch divides the bailey into two wards of very different character and although the bailey is clear, the encasing dense cover of trees makes it best viewed in winter. 5 miles south-west is Greasley Castle and 9 miles south is Nottingham Castle.

Street Map

Annesley Castle is located in Annesley Park, off Annesley Road. 9 miles north of Nottingham, on the A611.

The view from the road is restricted.

Car parking is by the side of the road.

Annesley Castle picture and large castle map
Annesley Castle PictureCastle Map of the Area

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