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Hedingham Castle
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Hedingham CastleHedingham Castle is an early to mid 12th century earth and timber ringwork and bailey fortress, founded by Aubrey de Vere. In the mid 12th century at the height of the Anarchy in the reign of King Stephen, the de Veres were elevated to the earldom of Oxford and they added the square stone keep. Originally of three storeys, the later fourth storey was built as a sign of the enhanced status of the de Vere family. In the late 15th to early 16th century all the stone buildings, other than the keep and a gatehouse were replaced by brick towers and apartment ranges. But in the late 17th or early 18th century all these buildings were destroyed, the only exceptions being of the Norman keep and the Tudor bridge between the inner and outer baileys. 11 miles north is Clare Castle.

Street Map

Hedingham Castle is located in Castle Hedingham, off Bayley Street. 19 miles north-west of Colchester, on the A604-B1058.

The site is owned by The Honourable Thomas Lindsay and is open, Sunday to Thursday April to October 11:00-4:00pm Sunday 10:00-5:00pm. weddings and Castle Cottage accommodation, check website for details.

There is car park.

Hedingham Castle picture and large castle map
Hedingham Castle PictureCastle Map of the Area

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